The Gift of Giving Back - 2024 Holiday Gift Ideas

The Gift of Giving Back

Yesterday I caught up with 2 of my closest friends and we were discussing Christmas gift giving. When you have large families, including lots of kids, do you buy for everyone OR do you just buy presents for the children?

We discussed the idea of Kris Kringle andWhite Elephant where you switch gifts but we all came to the same consensus, get presents for the kids and don't worry about the adults. While it's always the thought that always counts, when you play these gift giving games you usually end up with something that you either don't want or that you won't even use and 9 times out of 10 as adults if we want something we usually buy it for ourselves instead of dropping hints to our loved ones and waiting for a major holiday or birthday to roll around.

But then I got to thinking, what is a thoughtful feel-good gift that you can give to an adult or the person who has everything which also helps someone else?

The gift of a donation to an animal sanctuary.

Now this doesn't just have to be a monetary donation because a lot of sanctuaries have products and merchandise that you can buy where all proceeds go back into running the sanctuary. So if you do have a work Kris Kringle or you need to buy a low cost gift that will make a difference, consider one of these products from some of my favourite animal sanctuaries:

The Owl & The PussyCat Farm Animal Sanctuary

Letters from the sanctuary 'Owl & PussyCat Tales' is the gift that keeps on giving.  

This is a beautifully illustrated, traditional letter that carries stories of the Sanctuary delivered straight to your letterbox and is told by a different rescue resident every month. Suitable for all ages, these collectible letters are educational, affordable, interactive and fun. This is a unique and accessible way to support the sanctuary and for you to be part of their journey.

Sign up to receive your Owl & Pussycat Tales


Little Oak Sanctuary

From tea towels to tote bags, hats and greeting cards, Little Oak Sanctuary has a beautiful range of practical merch that you can use everyday. I have one of their tote bags which I use to run errands and their magnets hold photos of my nearest and dearest on my fridge. If you live near Canberra be sure to visit Haig Park Village Markets where Little Oak often have a stand and you can shop their merch in person. 

Shop Little Oak Merch


Moo to Ewe Sanctuary

The Moo to Ewe Sanctuary 'Here With Us, Not For Us' range of hoodies and tees are so comfortable and a must for the animal lover in your life. They come in a variety of colours and sizes so you can make a statement while also making a difference.

Shop Moo to Ewe Clothing Here


Edgar's Mission

I get my mum the Edgar's Mission Calendar every single year and each month you are greeted by one of their beautiful resident rescues including Alex, Tottie, Hansel and more. It also includes thought-provoking and inspiring quotes throughout the year.

Buy the 2024 Edgar's Mission Calendar


Wild & Cruelty Free

We have our signature range of tote bags and t-shirts and from every order placed we donate $1 back to animal sanctuaries to help animals in need. 

Shop W&CF Merch


What do you think? Buy only for the kids or do you buy presents for everyone in the family? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

I personally prefer to give back around the holiday season and focus my time spent with my loved ones. After all, our time is the most precious gift we can give.

With Kindness, Always

x Marisa

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