Wild & Cruelty Free is your online destination for Australian Vegan and Cruelty Free beauty products.

Ere Perez Makeup - Wild & Cruelty Free

Consciously Curated to Consider all Creatures

We've curated a conscious collection of makeup, skincare, haircare and wellness products that work harmoniously together. Each product has been personally tried and trusted by our founder and comes with a free video tutorial to help you implement it effortlessly into your daily routine.

Products with Purpose and Safe for the planet - Wild & Cruelty Free Australia

Products with Purpose

When you shop at Wild & Cruelty Free you're not just buying another pretty makeup or skincare product, you're buying into a brand that stands for something. We proudly stock and support Australian Vegan and Cruelty Free brands who tread lightly on the earth while creating a circular economy.

Harmless to Animals, Helpful on Skin - Wild & Cruelty Free Australia

It's Time to Go Slow

As a society we have been over-purchasing and under-using beauty products for decades, contributing to excessive consumerism and waste. It’s time to go slow and by being more intentional with your purchases you can make the most of the beauty products you love while minimising your impact on the planet.

Eye of Horus Makeup - Wild & Cruelty Free

A Journey Towards Better Beauty

With an abundance of beauty products on the market, greenwashing and lists of ingredients we can’t even pronounce, we understand that it can be difficult to determine which products are truly safe and ethical. We want to help you become more aware of an industry that disguises harmful behaviour with pretty packaging so we have done the research to eliminate confusion and guide you on a journey towards better beauty.

Creating A Kinder World For All - Wild & Cruelty Free Australia

Creating A Kinder World For All

Everything we do is led by compassion and kindness. No animal should ever have to suffer for our vanity and by switching to a cruelty free and vegan beauty routine, collectively we can make a difference and create a kinder world for all.

"With deep reverence for both beauty and animals and through the arts of inspiring application and joyful immersion, I am able to create beauty rituals and curate products that are effortless and impactful, casting ripple effects beyond your own imagination."

Marisa Robinson, Wild & Cruelty Free Founder