Collection: PEG PASTE

Peg Paste is an innovative natural toothpaste crafted in Australia that embodies a holistic outlook on oral health, synchronising it with the whole-body connection. This advanced formulation proudly blends powerful, natural ingredients to support optimal oral wellbeing.

Peg Paste uses Hydroxyapatite and prebiotics to strengthen enamel, prevent cavities and remineralise teeth, creating a smoother tooth texture, resulting in a brighter smile. It nurtures a balanced oral ecosystem which supports the immune system, gut health, and overall vitality of the body.

Peg Paste is committed to health on a holistic level. A toxin-free oral care solution, that enhances vitality while respecting the environment. Peg Paste, offered in a kerbside recyclable pump vessel, combines practicality with sustainability to combat landfill waste. From formulation to packaging, every aspect of Peg Paste reflects our dedication to better lives and a greener planet.

Peg Paste Vegan Natural Mint Toothpaste Australia