Sarah Tait founder of Natural Skincare brand Wanderlightly

Meet the Founder: Sarah of Wanderlightly

In our latest meet the founder interview I had the pleasure of catching up with Sarah Tait, the founder of natural and cruelty free skincare brand Wanderlightly and a pioneer in plastic-free living who is on a mission to empower and inspire others to reduce their waste footprint.

W&CF: Thank you for joining me today Sarah. I would love to start by going back to the beginning. What inspired you to create your holistic skincare range, Wanderlightly?

ST: My Plastic-Free journey started in 2014 in Tonga while on a Yoga/Whale swim retreat. We had spent the day swimming with these sentient beings in the open ocean and coming across floating trash.  I woke at 4am with the realisation that I needed to act; to be part of the solution and share this information with as many people as I could. It wasn't a hot topic 9 years ago. So with the help of some fantastic friends, I set about building a website, blog and socials and getting ready to live an entire year without buying any plastic.

That first year I was a total purist. If it was in plastic, I would find an alternative (or skip altogether). It was in the alternatives I started to create my own skincare as I was having trouble finding Australian made, plastic free AND natural products. My first product was the Deodorant balm and the rest following along as my knowledge progressed.


W&CF: All your products are sustainably made in small batches with ethically sourced ingredients. How important is this to you and how do you ensure your ingredients are fair trade?

ST: It's at the core of everything I do. As a small business it can be really challenging to create accessible products for people based on the higher supplier costs of organic and ethically produced ingredients, but it's important. If we are to create a healthier world then we must stick to ethical practices and not cut corners. I truly believe having strong ethical values as a foundation for a business shines through and into the product.

Wanderlightly Plastic Free Skincare - Natural Skincare Australia

W&CF: As consumers we are becoming more aware of the harmful chemicals in skincare products and the effects they can have on our health and hormones. What advice would you give to someone looking to switch to a natural skincare routine and not knowing where to start?

ST: This can be challenging but supporting small businesses that are transparent with their supply chain and ingredients is a good place to start. When a company is proud of what it puts in its product it will tell you so. Read the product labels and look for products that have simple ingredients. If you are unsure of something there are several free apps around now that will tell you how clean a product is. Avoid the top 10 nasties especially phthalates and parabens as they are key endocrine disruptors.

Ultimately keeping your routine simple, a basic cleanser and face oil or moisturiser is a good place to start. You want your skincare to be good enough to eat almost! Eating fresh food, drinking plenty of filtered water, exercise and fresh air does wonders not only for your skin but your overall health.


W&CF: We are hearing about more and more cases of young girls and teens being “influenced” by TikTok and Social Media to use trending skincare products, especially those with active ingredients, which is resulting in a lot of pain and skin damage. What advice would you give these teens, or perhaps the parents of young adolescents, wanting to start a skincare routine that is safe for their skin?

ST: I am hearing more and more about disaster trends and lasting damage. I would caution people from trying these trends, especially as they don't take the individuals skin types or health into consideration. If you are interested in a trend it's best to stick with known brands and well-researched results to avoid any damage.


W&CF: Your products have fit so effortlessly into my skincare routine and your Rejuvenate Hyaluronic Acid Serum is one of my must-haves! If you could only use one of your products for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

ST: I’m so pleased you love the REJUVENATE! It's such a lovely one to use throughout the year but my absolute fave would be the NAKED balm. It's a simple multi-purpose balm so can be used for such a wide range of applications. From the body and face to soothing little babies delicate skin and nappy rash.

Wanderlightly Naked Balm - Natural Skincare Australia

W&CF: When it comes to adding new products to your collection what is your creative process? Are you inspired by nature, a particular ingredient or a skincare concern? Talk us through how you bring your visions to life.

ST: It's a little of both. I like to have a simple but cohesive range to reduce overstocking and waste so I keep my product range small. I often have ingredients in mind that have been bubbling away in my head ready to create with so when a range needs complementing I start with the ingredients that I know will be a star and build around that.


W&CF: The phrase ‘clean beauty’ is thrown around a lot, to the point people are starting to think it is a scam. How would you define clean beauty and what does it mean to you?

ST: Clean = free from any nasties. Clean beauty ideally is ingredients that are sourced from nature and not overly refined. Ingredients that are sourced ethically and not at the cost to our environment or animals. 

Wanderlightly Vegan, Cruelty Free and Natural Skincare Australia

W&CF: In 2014 on a holiday to Tonga you witnessed first-hand the effects of plastic pollution which inspired you to go plastic-free for a year. What are some ways people can reduce their own plastic consumption, whether it be in their household or their beauty routines?

ST: Start slowly. One of the biggest areas of plastic consumption is in the kitchen and our bathroom. For example, in the kitchen look at reducing the plastic you bring into the home. Shop for fruit and veggies that aren't wrapped in plastic, farmers markets or veggie boxes are often ideal for this and you are supporting your local community. Storing food well makes it last longer, saving waste and money.

Secondly, use what you have! Do a bathroom audit and see what products you have hiding in the cupboard. Use them up before purchasing more and keep your routine simple. Using fewer products means we save both waste and dollars. I will be sharing ways to reduce plastic on my Instagram account this Plastic Free July so pop on over and join me!

Wanderlightly Restore Body Bar - Natural Skincare Australia

W&CF: Are you currently working on any new products? Can you give us a hint of what is to come?

ST: Im very slowly working on a new range that will be suitable for the wider family, namely for the smaller ones but thats all I will give away for now!


  1. Favourite place in the world…
    New Zealand

  1. The beauty product you can't live without…
    NAKED Balm

  1. Song that lives rent free in your head…
    That's a tricky one as they change so often but currently it's “Sway” by Bic Runga. I’ve been listening to some classic kiwi tracks and it's stuck!

  1. A life changing event or experience…

  1. Who or what inspires you the most in life?
    Firstly my son who reminds me to slow down and enjoy small simple things. And secondly nature. It's the basis of all the good things in life!

W&CF: Thanks so much for chatting to us Sarah, we have loved learning more Wanderlightly x

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