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The Future of Beauty: Plastic-Free Makeup Products & Biodegradable Packaging

It's 2024 and sustainability should be top of mind for every brand and business so collectively we can reduce our impact on the planet. There is simply no need for excessive plastic and waste so when it comes to ethical products we love nothing more than seeing beauty brands get innovative with sustainable solutions.

At Wild & Cruelty Free we proudly celebrate brands who tread lightly on the earth while creating a circular economy and these products are prime examples of ethical beauty products made right!

Ere Perez Ethical Beauty Products

Pretty products shouldn't have to cost the earth and Ere Perez have been so mindful when creating not only their makeup but their beauty tools too.

Their Açai Lip Pencils are 100% plastic free and made from wood with an aluminium lid, their Carrot Colour Pots and Cacao Bronzing Pots are packaged in recyclable glass pots and their Bio All-Beauty Makeup Sponges are made entirely from plant-based materials and are 100% biodegradable!

But their latest and most exciting sustainable solution is their 100% Aluminium Compact Cases. Currently available for their Corn Setting Powder and Rice Powder Bronzer, the Makeup-Wheel Refill Compact is completely free from plastic, hinges, paints, mirrors and glues and comes with three parts which you can easily assemble.

The aluminium lid doubles as a mirror and when your powder runs you can recycle the empty pan and replace it with a new refill.

As a nod to their stance on sustainability, all Ere Perez products are packaged in a recyclable box printed with ECO Ink.

Wanderlightly Restore Body Bar

The amount of empty beauty packaging that ends up in landfill is alarming. But what if I told you that you could put your empty beauty products into your home compost bin or worm farm instead?

Sarah at Wanderlightly is the queen of reducing waste and uses 100% Plastic Free, recycled paperboard tubes for her Restore Body Bar which are home compostable and recyclable. When it’s finished you can pop it straight into your home compost, worm farm or dig a hole and bury it in the earth. Only as a last resort should the empty packaging be added to your paper recycling bin, further reducing waste.

To further reduce environmental impacts, a
ll Wanderlightly product labels have been printed using 100% recycled, non-chlorine bleached, alternative fibre papers, organic-based non-toxic inks and solar power.

Recreation Beauty Clean Pafums

If you step into any department store you will see perfumes wrapped in plastic which is so wasteful and unnecessary. But Recreation Beauty have broken the mould when it comes to sustainable packaging, literally and figuratively, by ditching the plastic and creating a world first solution: Bamboo Moulds! You won't find any plastic or foam moulds here and their clean perfume bottles are stored securely in a sustainable bamboo mould which is then housed in a recyclable cardboard box. Genius right?!

To take it one step further, all of their bottles are made from recyclable glass with aluminium lids so none of their packaging contains any single-use plastics.


The responsibility to the environment also extends to us and we proudly package all of your orders in 100% recycled and compostable kraft mailer boxes which are PEFC Certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, a leading global alliance of national forest certification systems). To keep your new beauty products safe in transit we wrap them securely in honeycomb wrapping paper, a recyclable and eco friendly alternative to bubble wrap.

When shopping for beauty products, do you consider the impact they have on the planet? Let us know in the comments below.

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