GEORGE Haircare founder Lisa Nguyen

Meet the Founder: Lisa Nguyen of George Haircare

From scalp care to silicones, we caught up with the founder of GEORGE Haircare Lisa Nguyen to learn more about her journey as an ethical entrepreneur and she spills the tea on why you should avoid silicones in haircare and shares some helpful hair tips and advice so good we couldn't keep them to ourselves!


W&CF: Thank you for catching up with us Lisa. For anyone who isn’t familiar with your brand, how would you describe GEORGE Haircare in 5 words?

LN: Simple, clean, multitasking, sustainable and FUN!

George Haircare Range Online - Vegan Friendly Haircare - Silicone Free Haircare

W&CF: You’re the owner of Adelaide non-toxic hair sanctuary ‘Enough Studio’ and as a hairdresser with over 20 years of experience I can imagine you would have used a lot of different hair care products over the course of your career. What challenges were you facing when using salon formulas that inspired you to create GEORGE?

LN:  As a passionate advocate for clean beauty and dedicated to offering my clients the safest and most effective hair care options, I found it increasingly difficult to source products that ticked all my boxes. Despite my extensive experience in the industry, I struggled to find genuinely transparent and non-toxic formulas that met my high quality and performance standards. Fueled by a genuine love for my clients and a deep understanding of their needs, I started on the journey to develop GEORGE Haircare. This brand reflects my commitment to creating a range of hair care products that prioritise purity and efficacy and cater to the evolving needs of conscious consumers seeking cleaner and more sustainable beauty solutions.

W&CF: GEORGE launched with your iconic Better Hair Days Hair Mask which is packed with a powerhouse of natural ingredients and backed by science. What inspired the creation of this mask? 

LN: I was frustrated with the abundance of silicone-laden hair masks that often weigh down the hair with their heavy formulations. I wanted to simplify—and simplify on so many levels: the ingredients, the range, the way you can use and multitask with products and how to recycle and reuse environmentally friendly packaging, starting with a hair mask.

George Haircare Range Online - Vegan Friendly Haircare - Silicone Free Haircare

W&CF: A popular beauty influencer recently trialled a drug store hair care range and defended the inclusion of silicones in the formula. Can you share your thoughts on silicones in hair care and why you have chosen not to include silicones plus a plethora of other nasties in the GEORGE range?

LN: While silicones can provide a quick fix for smoother hair, they tend to create build-up over time, potentially causing damage in the long run. I’ve had hair disasters in my chair resulting from silicone build-up during colour services, including uneven colour absorption, patchy results and reduced colour vibrancy due to the barrier created by silicones on the hair. It's important to note that these issues can lead to unsatisfactory colour outcomes, requiring additional corrective measures to achieve the desired look. At GEORGE, we've made a conscious decision to exclude the harmful ingredients on our Never-Ever List from our formulations. By selecting clean and effective ingredients, we're not only promoting healthy hair but also ensuring that our products deliver the performance you expect, without compromising your well-being. 

W&CF: With so many different hair care products on the market it can be overwhelming for consumers to know which ones are best for their hair and their health. Apart from many not being cruelty free or vegan, what are some other common differences between cheaper supermarket shampoo and conditioners versus professional formulas?

LN: Professional hair care products are typically better than supermarket hair products because they are formulated with higher quality ingredients that are carefully selected to deliver results. These professional formulas often contain a higher concentration of active ingredients that can more effectively address specific hair concerns. 

George Haircare Range Online - Vegan Friendly Haircare - Silicone Free Haircare

W&CF: From scalp gua sha to silicone head massagers, there has been a bigger emphasis on scalp care lately. Do you have a dedicated scalp care routine (in addition to your normal hair care routine) and can you provide some scalp care tips?

LN: Exfoliate your scalp once a week with a scalp brush to remove dead skin cells and product buildup to promote a healthy scalp environment.

Incorporate a hair mask once a week to nourish the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Choose haircare that are gentle on the scalp and free from chemicals that can cause itch and drying.

Reduce stress as stress can cause dandruff and hair loss.

W&CF: With so many different hair types out there, what would be your professional advice for treating the following hair concerns:

  • Dry, itchy scalp
    LN: Avoid products with harsh chemicals which can dry out your scalp and limit how much you wash your hair, 2 - 3 times a week is ideal. Look for products with ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil and shea butter which have moisturising properties.
  • Oily scalp with dry, brittle ends
    LN: Use a cleansing shampoo for the roots and hydrating mask for the ends and have regular trims to maintain healthy hair from root to ends.

  • Colour or heat treated hair:
    LN: Use colour-safe and heat protective products to prolong the colour.

W&CF: I’m sure you have lost count of how many clients have sat in your salon chair. What is the most common hair care faux pas you have seen over the years and how have you fixed it?

LN: The most common hair faux pas is seeing clients cut or colour their hair based on a tutorial they have seen online without experience, which has turned out to be different from their expectations. To fix the problem, I would assess the damage and offer advice on the correction before doing the service - maintaining clear communication to help the clients achieve their desired result.

George Haircare Range Online - Vegan Friendly Haircare - Silicone Free Haircare

W&CF: I personally love making a self care ritual out of my hair care routine but for someone who has little to no time to dedicate to their hair, what is the bare minimum they should do?

LN: A hair mask can work wonders!

W&CF: Are you looking to add more products to the GEORGE hair care range? Can you share a hint of what we can expect to see next?

LN: Stay tuned for some fabulous styling products!


  1. Favourite place in the world…

  1. The beauty product you can't live without…
    Hair mask

  1. Song that lives rent free in your head…


  1. A life changing event or experience…
    Losing a loved one


  1. Who or what inspires you the most in life?
    My clients
George Haircare Range Online - Vegan Friendly Haircare - Silicone Free Haircare

W&CF: Thanks so much for chatting to us Lisa, we have loved learning more GEORGE x

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