Collection: Rituals

Adding daily rituals to your skincare and beauty routine is a lovely way to unwind and ground yourself. Beauty tools such as a Dry Body Brush and Gua Sha are incredible for increasing your bodies circulation while invigorating your nervous system. We then love to follow with a spritz of a calming face mist or room spray to awaken the skin and the senses.

For aching muscles or when you want to get a deeper, more rested sleep, we love spraying the SISUU Recovery Spray onto our stomach and feet before bed. This potent blend of high-quality natural ingredients is designed to wash away tension, promote sound sleeping, boost immunity and support muscle recovery.

In our modern world it can be difficult to connect with nature and slow the mind. The act of performing rituals such as burning Incense has medicinal qualities that encourage our mind to be still, stablise our mood and reconnect ourselves with nature.

For those times when I am seeking guidance and inspiration I pull a card from my animal-themed oracle decks. Each card carries a universal message of deep, enduring truth and transcendent archetypal symbolism will help you act in a way that brings purpose, prosperity, and magic to your life.