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Animal Apothecary: 44-Card Oracle Deck & Guidebook by Cara Elizabeth

Animal Apothecary: 44-Card Oracle Deck & Guidebook by Cara Elizabeth

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Receive guidance from your true self and manifest your most epic future using the wisdom of the animal kingdom. Each card in this colourful deck and detailed guidebook connects the reader more deeply to their inherent power to manifest their dreams and fulfil their destinies.

The unique, hand-drawn art in this deck is infused with sage animal messages and the author's deep passion for focusing readings on life-purpose and manifestation. Seek connection to your core sense of self and find ways to bring your dreams into the world with the tools in this deck.

Born out of the author's personal journey to overcome her trauma, this deck is a companion and guide for others who long to step into their purpose and claim their power. Each animal you encounter offers guidance for you to overcome current challenges and become your greatest self.

The animals of Animal Apothecary are sharing guidance for you to create the future that feels most fulfilling for you. Each card connects you to aspects of yourself such as your future self who has fully stepped into their purpose. The reader connects to these parts of themselves to receive wisdom from the cards.
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Learn more about the Animal Apothecary Oracle...

What does the Oracle Deck contain?

  • 44 beautifully illustrated cards
  • Guidebook to teach you how to work with the deck

How To Use

Shuffle the cards, close your eyes and set your intention or ask your question. Pull one card or a multi-card spread and the spirit animal guiding you right now will make itself known.


13 x 8.5 x 3.5cm
Guidebook 110 pages


Published in the USA

"Whether I am feeling challenged by a life event or I am sitting under the glow of the full moon, I love using animal-themed oracle cards to receive guidance and wisdom from spirit animals so I can move forward and take aligned action to fulfil my purpose on the planet."


  • Animal Apothecary Oracle Deck by Cara Elizabeth

    About the Animal Apothecary Oracle Deck

    Animal medicine, practiced by the Indigenous peoples of North America, teaches that animals appear throughout our lives to help us on our journey. By understanding an animal's behavior, symbolism, and mythology, we can use this wisdom as a guide for self-discovery. Animal medicine heals, empowers, and directs us on our true path.

    In choosing the animals of Animal Apothecary, Cara would sometimes be shown which animals to work with through dreams or appearing in waking life. Other times she would need to solve a problem so she would intentionally investigate what animal held the best medicine to overcome her current circumstance.

  • Cara Elizabeth Animal Apothecary

    Meet The Founder

    Cara Elizabeth is an artist, author, and speaker who resides in Brooklyn. She works with individuals and groups to find their power, step into their purpose, and turn trauma into their greatest asset. Cara connects people to their true self so they can become their own healer, shaman, and guru.