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The Spirit Animal Oracle: 68-Card Deck with Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid

The Spirit Animal Oracle: 68-Card Deck with Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid

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Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid delivers a 68-card deck of interactive conversations with Spirit based on the archetypal energies of living beings that share our planet-helping us connect with them as sacred teachers, healers, and allies.

The Spirit Animal Oracle is a healing oracle card deck that will awaken your partnership with Spirit to co-create your reality in service to the world while delivering divine guidance from animal spirits.

Each animal, two-legged or four-legged, feathered or finned, from water, earth, or sky, has the potential to deliver a special message aligned with your authentic need, arriving at just the right time and place.

Every animal in this beautifully illustrated card deck has a universal message of deep, enduring truth and carries a transcendent archetypal symbolism that will help you act in a way that brings purpose, prosperity, and magic to your life.

Pick one card or pull a spread and consult the guidebook for guidance and be open to the wisdom each card imparts, if you're ready to listen.

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Learn more about The Spirit Animal Oracle...

What does the Oracle Deck contain?

  • 68 beautifully illustrated cards
  • Guidebook to teach you how to work with the deck

How To Use

Shuffle the cards, close your eyes and set your intention or ask your question. Pull one card or a multi-card spread and the spirit animal guiding you right now will make itself known.


13 x 9.5 x 5.5cm
Guidebook 248 pages


Published in the USA

"Whether I am feeling challenged by a life event or I am sitting under the glow of the full moon, I love using animal-themed oracle cards to receive guidance and wisdom from spirit animals so I can move forward and take aligned action to fulfil my purpose on the planet."


  • The Spirit Animal Oracle: 68-Card Deck with Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid

    About The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck

    Example Cards Include:

    Bee Spirit - "Sweet results await." The Bee Spirit's message is that sweet rewards are on their way if you are willing to get your ego out of the way and immerse yourself in the connected energy of all things.

    Eagle Spirit - "Spirit has your back." Think of the eagles flying high above the other birds, soaring on the wind. Eagle Spirit has appeared to ask whether you're willing to soar to new heights, even if that means solitude for a short while.

    Lion Spirit -
    "Be generous of spirit." A healthy ego means you ease God's order instead of edging God out. Lion Spirit's appearance is a reminder that you have been given the gift of pride and a healthy sense of your worth to express your divine, authentic self in a unique way.

  • Colette Baron-Reid

    Meet The Founder

    Colette Baron-Reid (she/her) is a bestselling author, internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, spiritual intuitive, personal transformation thought leader, business strategist, artist, and educator.

    Author of 15 best-selling Oracle card decks, with over a million sold worldwide and 7 books published in 27 languages, Colette’s greatest joy is teaching people they can have a direct and personal dialog with the Universe to help them create their most fulfilling lives. Or, you know, just have something to do during quarantine.

    When she’s not cuddling with her three Pomeranians, writing music, meditating, painting, or doing Zumba online, she’s juggling between YA fantasy fiction, Spanish lessons, and the latest research on Unified Field Theory. Because why not?