Multi-Purpose Beauty At Its Best

Multi-Purpose Beauty At Its Best

At Wild & Cruelty Free we LOVE multi-purpose beauty products! We live by our less is more philosophy so when we discover a new makeup or skincare that can be used in a variety of ways we immediately add it to our routine!

Below are some of our favourite multi-purpose beauty products and all the ways you can use them.

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pots

Don't underestimate the power of this pretty little pot, it is packed with possibilities and can be used in SO many ways! Available in 7 shades, you can apply the Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pots with one of their Eco Vegan Makeup Brushes but I personally prefer to use my fingertips as the heat from my skin warms up this creamy balm and melts it beautifully into my skin for a more natural finish.

I start by using the Carrot Colour Pots to add a pop of colour to my cheeks. I lightly tap a small amount of colour onto the apples of my cheeks and blend it in. To diffuse the intensity of the colour and to soften the edges, I then go in with a damp Ere Perez Bio All-Beauty Sponge.

Then I apply the Carrot Colour Pot as an eyeshadow. I take a small amount onto my finger and gently sweep it over my eyelids for a subtle wash of colour. If you prefer a bolder look you can build up the colour and intensity to your liking. Because it is a cream product you may find that it settles into the lines on your eyelid or slips throughout the day. To prevent this, I like to apply a light layer of translucent setting powder over the cream to lock it in place.

Last but not least I use it as a lip balm! Again, you can either use your fingertip or you can reach for the Ere Perez Eco Vegan Lip Brush for a more precise application.

The hardest part? Choosing what colour to wear next!


Ere Perez Fig All-Beauty Jelly

1 product 5 ways? Yes, please especially when it comes to a skincare product! Let us count the ways...

  1. Makeup Remover: melts and dissolves makeup, even the most stubborn mascara.
  2. Cleanser: mix with water to create a milky consistency and then use it to cleanse the skin and remove dirt and grime.
  3. Lip Mask: apply a generous amount for soft smooth lips.
  4. Face Mask / Massage: apply a thin layer over the face to hydrate and then massage to improve blood flow.
  5. Slugging: for a more intensive treatment apply a thick layer over the skin before bed and wake up supply skin.


Sunset Daze Liquid Rays Bronzing Pigment Drops

If you like to have total control over the level of coverage and colour of your makeup base, then you need the Liquid Rays Bronzing Pigment Drops in your life.

Simply mix a couple of drops into your favourite moisturiser or sunscreen and apply for a glowing and radiant complexion. I also love that it’s a buildable formula so I apply a bit more on the areas I need more coverage.

Another way I enjoy using the pigment drops is as a liquid bronzer. I use a shade darker than my usual shade and apply a small amount directly to the high points of the face for beautiful sun-kissed skin and to faux that golden hour glow.

Recreation Beauty Glow Queen Glow Body + Hair Oil

This 2 in 1 Body and Hail Oil continues to push the boundaries with the number of ways it can be used.

    1. Hydrating body serum: Smooth all over body for instant hydration and an oily-free glow. 
    2. Daily facial moisturiser: Say hello to glowing skin by applying a few drops to the face and massaging in.
    3. Hair gloss: Use a drop on the ends of hair for weightless shine. 
    4. Nourishing hand serum: massage into your hands throughout the day. It will keep your hands hydrated and nourished without any oiliness!
    5. Dry scalp treatment: Massage into your scalp for three minutes before washing out.
    6. Deep conditioning hair treatment: Massage a handful through hair, leave for 20 minutes and then wash out for super smooth hair.
    7. Bath oil: Add a few drops to the bath and emerge with silky, soft.
    8. Sensitive skin/dry skin patches treatment: apply before bed to patch treat anywhere you experience dryness.
    9. Cuticle + nail oil: rub a few drops onto your nails and cuticles everyday for an instant at home treatment.
    10. Pre-blow dry smoothing serum: Add one or two drops to wet hair ends before blow-drying.
    11. Scented with our fine Jasmine and Neroli fragrances so you smell amazing!


Ere Perez Lychee Créme Corrector

It may be designed as a Colour Corrector but the Ere Perez Lychee Creme Corrector is no one trick pony! This beautiful and ultra creamy formula works wonders to conceal under the eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles. You can also use their Eco Vegan Lip & Conceal Brush and apply it as a spot concealer to cover any blemishes and pigmentation.

But personally I find the coverage and colour to be so good that I use it as an alternative to foundation, especially on those days when I am short on time and I want to create a natural and minimal makeup look. I warm a small amount (a little bit goes a long way) between my fingertips and press into the skin. It melts so nicely and because the formula is hydrating it creates a really healthy looking complexion.

You can also select a darker shade and use it to contour the face for a more sculpted look.

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