Collection: Cruelty Free Body Products

Skincare doesn't stop at the face and our range of body products will have your skin glowing and gorgeous. Start by giving your body an uplifting massage using our Dry Body Brush. It will not only invigorate the senses but it will exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and smooth. Follow with a hydrating body oil or body moisturiser to deeply restore and repair the skin.

If you are experiencing muscle aches or just want to get a better nights sleep, then a few sprays of the SISUU Magnesium Recovery Spray will soothe both the mind and muscles at the end of a big day.

Sunscreen is a must for the face and body which should be used daily to protect your skin from the hard UVA/UVB rays. Massage a generous amount onto the skin and re-apply regularly to stay sun safe.

Finish off by spritzing your body with the best natural and clean perfumes and fragrances from Recreation Beauty. With a scent to suit every mood and occasion, it is a collect them all collection of eau de parfums! Let's not forget your nails! Add a unique pop of colour with a coat of vegan and cruelty free nail polish to complete your next look!