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Wild and Cruelty Free

5 Minute Makeup

5 Minute Makeup

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Liquid Rays Bronzing Pigment Drops (Colour)
Lychee Crème Corrector (Colour)
Carrot Colour Pots (Color)


Get ready in record time with these 5 makeup essentials to get your skin glowing and out the door! The 5 minute vegan and cruelty free makeup bundle contains:

  • Beautifltr Feather Light SPF50+: A multi-purpose skincare staple, the Beautifltr Feather Light SPF50+ is a sunscreen, moisturiser and primer in one covering all your bases and keeping your skin safe, hydrated and glowing.
  • Sunset Daze Liquid Rays Bronzing Pigment Drops (choose 1 of 3 shades): these lightweight and flexible bronzing pigments add an instant sun kissed glow to your complexion. This all-natural formula protects and nourishes the skin while evening skin tone. Mix with your favourite moisturiser, SPF or foundation. More drops = richer colour with more coverage so start slow and adjust as you go!
  • Ere Perez Lychee Creme Correctors (choose from 1 of 6 shades): Transform your skin with this creamy neutralising cover for under the eyes and face. Available in 6 shades, a little bit of this full coverage and highly pigmented creamy corrector goes a long way to colour correct skin tone and discolouration, brighten and illuminate the skin.
  • Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pots (choose from 1 of 5 shades): This vegan cream balm is packed full of pigment to add instant, glowing colour to your cheeks, lips and eyes. This little pot of goodness features healthy plant-based ingredients like antioxidant-rich carrots to keep skin soft and hydrated.
  • Ere Perez Aloe Gel Lash & Brow Mascara: This clear natural all-in-one mascara and brow gel is perfect for those no-makeup makeup days! Made with the highest quality ingredients and vitamin-rich aloe vera, this gel will help to lengthen lashes and groom brows by adding extra shape and definition for a sleek and natural brow look.
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  • Cruelty Free Beauty - Wild & Cruelty Free Australia
  • Vegan Beauty - Wild & Cruelty Free Australia
  • Beauty with No Harsh Chemicals - Wild & Cruelty Free Australia
  • Sustainable Beauty - Wild & Cruelty Free Australia
  • No Artificial Fragrances - Wild & Cruelty Free Australia
  • Tried and Trusted Beauty - Wild & Cruelty Free Australia
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